Back to gym

A few weeks ago, I decided to take control of my health. I now train at least four times a week, each session lasting between one to one and a half hours. This regimen not only aids in getting my body back in shape but also significantly improves my mental state. I am keen to share the progress I make and the discoveries I encounter along this journey. Previously, I had trained consistently for almost a year before the pandemic disrupted my routine. During that period, I lost weight, built muscle, and was in the best shape of my life. I am determined to reclaim that level of health. I want to look in the mirror and feel pride in my accomplishments rather than despair at my current trajectory towards my grave.

I acknowledge that my description may seem overly dramatic or pitiable, but my situation is far from exaggerated. I am overweight, suffer from back and leg pain, sleep apnea, and I experience loud and labored breathing, even during simple conversations or moments of rest. Opting for surgery is not a route I wish to take. This condition is a consequence of my own actions, and I am committed to addressing it on my own. That said, I am not ruling out surgical interventions for cosmetic reasons, should I lose a significant amount of weight and find my skin’s appearance unsatisfactory. However, the idea of bariatric surgery is not appealing to me. Despite suggestions from others, I find the notion somewhat shameful. Perhaps it’s a matter of pride, but I yearn to earn my transformation through hard work and to atone for my previous habits of binge eating. In a way, I may be seeking to punish myself for the neglect I have shown to myself.

Enough pity and story time. At first, I only wanted to tell you all, that since I love to cook and that will not change, I’m on my way to discover and create new recipes, that I will happily share on this blog. My first one should be online soon, it will be a Reese-like protein snack.

See you around, folks!

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