Hi there, Iā€™m Jonathan Lafleur šŸ‘‹

Iā€™m a backend developer and consultant in technologies. I love to solve problems and automate your day to day tasks. I started my journey almost two decades ago, and now I own two companies, The Kraken Web Company Inc. & Powered Software Inc..

The Kraken Web Company Inc. is specialised in web development, we are using PHP (Laravel, CakePHP & WordPress), NodeJS, Vanilla JavaScript, Angular, React, NestJS, and we add some spices with SASS & webpack. We do have a lot of experiences in e-commerce and interactive website. Github

Powered Software Inc. is specialised in digital transformation, we work with .NET for creating web app, backends & API. We also work with Angular, React & NestJS for solid frontend solution or mobile app. One of our biggest force is creating solid devops solution using Docker, Kubernetes, ArgoCD, Azure Pipeline, Octopus Deploy, etc. Github